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Angioedema Self Test

Self-test: “Are my symptoms related to angioedema? If yes, what type do I have?”

Swellings of the skin or mucous membranes that occur suddenly and then resolve within a few hours to days are not uncommon. These episodes of swelling, also known as angioedema, may be due to a variety of causes. Because different types of angioedema are treated differently, it is important to carefully seek out the causes for each patient’s symptoms.

We have developed the angioedema self-test to help you determine the form of angioedema from which you suffer. Please note that this test is not meant to (and can not replace your doctor’s advice and treatment. If you suffer from angioedema we recommend you seek medical help and talk to your doctor).

Please read the following questions carefully and select the answer that best describes your condition or experience.